Why should I have a Crisis Management Plan?

If you family is important to you, then you should have some sort of crisis management plan in place for when you have a home invasion. A home invasion can be mere minutes but the impact can last for years.
Your Crisis Management Plan should include a list of emergency contacts, a source of emergency funds in case bank cards are missing, an alternative communication option, your security providers details, 24hr repair services details and provision for an emergency plan for any pets you might have. This should all be capped off with a plan trauma counselling 72 hrs after the event.

Scene Assist does all of this and a lot more. So that you can focus on what’s important: Your Family.

Concierge Crisis Management

How we help after a home invasion. 


Experienced Crisis Manager

After a home invasion you often have questions. Questions like: “Who were they? What if I had done this? What’s the process with the police now?”

Don't worry, you will have an experienced crisis manager by your side, helping to answer your questions and explaining the process every step of the way.


Securing and repairing your home

Sliding gates not working, burglar bars that need fixing, or an alarm needing repairs - Securing your family is first priority.

Whether it is getting a guard to protect the property overnight, or repairing a gate or burglar bars, we make it happen. Giving you confidence that your family is safe and secure in your home.


Two Days of On Site Support

We know that you can’t always be at home, you have to go to work, drop off kids, get groceries, pick up kids . . . . At the same time you want to make sure that you home repaired and secured.

Our crisis managers stay at your home and make sure that our verified service providers repair and secure your home, so that you can get on with your life.


Trauma Counselling

You want to know that you families mental health is being looked after after a home invasion. A well timed intervention by a trained mental health professional can make a huge difference in the journey back to normal.

We have a wide range of counsellors available for individual or group sessions that can be done in person or virtual. So that you know the mental health of your family is being looked after.

Some of the things we do

We do more than, just make things better. 


Crime scene clean up

Blood, broken glass, and turned over rooms. . . .

Sometimes a crime scene needs a professional team to come in and clean and return your home to a pristine condition.


Repair Assistance

After an incident you want to make sure that everything get repaired but you don’t always know who to call or aren’t able to be at home during the day when they want to come do the repairs.

Verified experienced suppliers are a must and our crisis managers will meet them on site so that you don’t have to miss work.



We arrange guarding for your property if it is necessary. You can sleep a bit easier knowing your home and family are being watched by an experienced professional.


Emergency locksmiths and glazers

Broken windows, missing keys and broken locks often happen.

We have verified emergency locksmiths and glazers to ensure that your home is repaired correctly and promptly.


Bank Card Cancellations

Wallets and purses are often stolen during home invasions, we help to make sure that bank cards are stopped and cancelled and new cards ordered.


Mobile phone assistance

Mobile phones are our link to family and friends.

We have a replacement phone fully charged and loaded with airtime so that you can stay in contact with family and friends after an incident.


Pets are family too

Home invasions can also be traumatic for pets too. You want to know that your pets will be taken care of if you aren’t able to look after them, because pets are family too.

We will feed your pets, take them to vets if necessary and temporarily home them if necessary.


Emergency transport

The last thing you want after a home invasion is then struggle to get things done. From helping you pick up kids from school, to helping with groceries, or trips to the airport to pick up relatives.

Emergency transport is there to make your life easier.


Trauma Councelling

You want to know your families mental health is being looked after. A well timed interventions by a professional councilor can e a game changer.

We arrange indervidual or groups sessions, that can be done in person or virtual. So that you know every member of your family gets what they need.


Insurance inventory

It's quite intimidating when you have to make an insurance claim. You don’t know what is missing or what its value is.

A room-by-room inventory and catalogue of missing items and their values makes submitting your insurance claim much easier


Video Extraction

Video Evidence can be a game changer for investigating cases. But it needs to be professionally extracted and correctly entered into evidence in order to be admissible in court.

Our crisis managers ensure that it is submitted into evidence correctly and will appear in court as a witness, so that you don’t have to.


Work with the Police

When there is a coordinated approach to dealing with a case there is a much better chance of success.

Having an experienced crisis manager assist you with Visible Policing, Forensics and Detectives can help to ensure that your case is dealt with in a professional manner.

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